Troy Amateur Radio Association - N2TY
PO BOX 1292 - Troy, New York - 12181-1292
* Troy's Full Service Repeaters * 447.075/R
(Use a PL Tone of 127.3 Hz on BOTH INPUT/OUTPUT)
Repeaters are now Yaesu Fusion running in automatic mode

Echolink Node #618264

Echolink is on the 145.17 Repeater

Click here for instructions

Hosted by Mike K2MTS


TARA's New Digital Awards Program..."Distinctively Different!"

If you're into digital communications do we have great news for you. TARA now sponsors a complete selection of "world class" digital awards that we're sure you'll find most challenging.

Our club now has the TARA-Grid - Digital Maidenhead Grid Award Program which I'm sure many of you might even qualify for right now. The TARA-Grid Award is an excellent companion to our All Seasons, Grid-Dip Contest. All contest entries qualify for inclusion in our TARA-Grid Award. You need only 300 different four (4) digit Grid Squares to claim your Basic certificate.

Next, we have the TARA-PX Award Program. TARA wants to recognize the achievements of Amateur Radio Operators world wide, for confirming two way communications by offering it's new Digital Prefix Awards Program. This award is available in MIXED, RTTY and PSK but more are coming out! And, we offer other awards like the Wet Award, TARA D-WAS, Canadian Award & the TARA-DDXCC. But wait...there are a few more!

TARA invites you right now to review our new "World Class" Digital Awards Program. Come check out the complete line of custom certificates that we've designed especially for this program and we believe you'll see why we think they're "Distinctively Different." Please CLICK HERE to view these awards.

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