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147.18 Mhz Grafton & 146.76 MHz Troy

Providing Emergency Communications
Through Amateur Radio

Welcome to our emergency communications section of the TARA web site. You'll quickly notice that most of this section will be devote to Rensselaer County ARES/RACES, that's by our design. Both of our organizations have worked hand-in-hand over the years and we hope this relationship will continue to grow. Many of TARA's members are joint members of ARES/RACES and they take great pride in serving their community. If you have any suggestions/comments about this section, we'd like to hear from you!

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l Weather Hazards Awareness Guide

l RACES Information

l Rensselaer County RACES Mailing List information

l TARA Home Page

l New York State RACES Nets

l Intellicast Weather Radar Screen


Current Weather Conditions for Troy, New York

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New York State RACES Training Net Schedule Rensselaer County Emergency Services Rensselaer County RACES Home Page
Info On ARRL ARES Program Rensselaer County ARES/RACES Radio Club New York State Emergency Mangement Office
National RACES Network Northeast New York State Red Cross Federal Emergency Management Agency

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l Albany County ARES/RACES

l Saratoga County RACES

l Schenectady County RACES

l Columbia/Greene County ARES/RACES

l Putnam County ARES/RACES

l Ulster County ARES/RACES

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The following Internet GATEWAYS are intended for licensed amateurs only! Please enjoy using these links, and let us know if you'd like to see additional links added. These links allow users to connect (via circuits using TCP/IP protocols over the wired internet) to other Packet Radio stations throughout the world.

Make sure that your browser allows TELNET usage or else you'll be unable to activate the links below. Once you've signed on to the GATEWAYS you'll most likely be asked for your "CALLSIGN" & "PASSWORD" - then you can complete your connect. You will find out that just about all of these GATEWAYS provide "HELP COMMAND" for your personal use.

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K2MF  Wayne, New Jersey
KB2SHU  Cerritos, California
IZ8BVT  Salerno, Italy
G6PHF  England
RA3APW  Moscow, Russia
KA2TCQ  Plattsburg, New York USA

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