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The purpose of this discussion group is to better inform our subscribers on the events/happenings of the Troy Amateur Radio Association and amateur radio in the Capital District of New York State. Also, we're quite sure from time-to-time there will be some good old fashion gossip, TARA style! The mailing list is open to all interested parties. If the list is abused, we will take immediate actions to correct it! Comments, suggestions, etc. about TARA-N2TY should be sent to

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To receive the digest, list users must sign on to the Web. Once you are on the URL: look to the far left hand side of the page, just under the "MAIN PAGE" and you'll see "subscribe" click on that. You should now see a header "MESSAGE DELIVERY." Under this header you'll see 3 different selections; 1st..Send email messages to ; 2nd ..Send a daily digest of messages (many email in one message) to ; 3rd..Don't send me email. I'll read the messages at the Web site.

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Karen Smith - KS2O
Randy Stein - KL7TJZ

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