Packet Radio Course

Still Has Openings

Stephan Anderman, WA3RKB, has informed the TARA News that there are still openings for anyone interested in taking his new "Introduction to Packet Radio" course on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28. This two-part course is completely FREE and is being sponsored by TARA. This course will be held in room #3051 of the Low Center for Industrial Innovation (CII Building) on the RPI Campus, just west of the 15th Street pedestrian bridge, in Troy, NY. Class will start 10:00 AM and run until 4:00 PM, with a half-hour break for lunch.

The course will cover the basics of packet operation, including station set-up, basic commands, TNC parameters, node networks, bulletin boards, computers, software, and operating courtesy. A working station will demonstrate packet's capabilities and limitations. All students will receive free copies of IBM compatible packet software along with the course workbook.

The course will be taught by Stephan Anderman, WA3RKB, SysOp of TARA's N2TY packet BBS. Like previous offerings, this class will be non-technical in nature and VERY informal.

Talk-in will be available on the TARA 145.17 and 444.225 linked repeaters. Pre-registration is required so that adequate course materials may be prepared. Membership in the Troy Amateur Radio Association is not required. For more information or to register, contact WA3RKB on packet @ N2TY, on the TARA repeaters, or evenings after 8:30 at 518-664-6809.


Equipment Inventory

Over the last several years TARA has accumulated an enormous amount of equipment and supplies that needs to be inventoried. It's been awhile since we've last done a through inventory and for several reasons it should be done right away. Our Equipment Manager cannot or should not be expected to perform this inventory by himself. In fact Roy, N2OWC, has limited time that he can devote to this, so it's up to the rest of us to pitch in and help out.

With this inventory we're also requesting anyone who has any property that belongs to TARA to please notify us immediately. This applies to all committees that are in possession of club owned property.

Please help us make this inventory as easy and thorough as possible. Plus remember we need several volunteers to completely go through our Field Day cases. Volunteers are asked to call Roy, N2OWC, @ 283-8485


Repeater System Receives Funding

TARA's "Full Service" repeater system (145.17 & 444.225 MHz) will again be updated, thanks in part to the corporate donation we received 2 months ago. During our Summer Fund Drive TARA received a sizable donation that will cover most, if not all, of the expenses of updating the club's heavily used repeater system.

Plans call for the addition of a totally new repeater/link controller, manufactured by Link Communication, Inc. This new controller features: 4 full duplex radio ports, unique CW ID for each port, DTMF control from any port, 100 user command macros. Cost of this controller is $449.95. Also we'll be adding a new tone decoder board so we're able to reactivate the TARA Weather Link.

Next we're looking to add a dedicated 6 Meter link to the repeater system. This is in an attempt to encourage our members/users to try other bands besides just 2 meters. Maybe a few will even get the HF bug once they hear the DX rolling in.

Plus if all goes well, we'd like to add 10 Meter FM and you folks can really get a taste of the worldwide connection. Keep your fingers crossed!

Just remember one thing right now. This isn't going to happen over- night! So please be patient, it will be worth the wait.



What's New

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