October 1997 - Page 3

Famous Amateurs From Around
The World

How many of you at one time or another have wonder what famous people are hams? Well with this in mind we thought we'd share a few of these famous names and callsigns with you. See how many of them you have either heard on the bands or even knew they exsisted.

*K0HWY Tex Beneke Band Leader
*K2ORS Jean Shepherd Author
*K4LIB Arthur Godfrey Entertainer
*K4ZVZ Paul Tibbets Pilot (A-Bomb)
*K6DUE Roy Neal Newsman
*K7UGA Barry Goldwater Former U.S. Senator
*KB2GSD Walter Cronkite News Anchor
*KB6LQR Jeana Yeager Pilot-Voyager
*KB6LQS Dick Rutan Pilot-Voyager
*KD4WUJ Patty Loveless Singer
*KD6OY Gary Shandling Entertainer
*KI6M Stu Gilliam Entertainer
*KN4UB Larry Junstrom Musician
*N4KET David French Newsman
*N6FUP Stu Cook Baseball Star
*N6KGB Stewart Granger Actor ** (mistaken for Jimmy Stewart)
*N6YOS Priscilla Presley Actress
*NK7U Joe Rudi Baseball Star
*W4WRO Emory Gordy Jr. OM of P. Loveless
*W6EZV Curtis LeMay General (SK)
*WA4CZD Chet Atkins Musician
*WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap Singer
*WB4KVB Paul Yandell Musician
*WB6ACU Joe Walsh Singer
*KA7EVD Donny Osmond Entertainer ** (expired license)
*WP4CO Jose Feliciano Singer
*W6UK Alvino Rey Musician/Bandleader
*WA4SIR Ron Parise Astronaut
*W5LFL Owen Garriot Astronaut
*UA1LO Uri Gagarin Cosmonaut,
*JY1 Hussein I King of Jordan
*I0FCG Francesco Cossiga President, Italy
*VU2RG Rajiv Gandhi (1944-1991) ** former Prime Minister, Rep. of India
*FO5GJ Marlon Brando Actor
*UA1LO Uri Gagarin Cosmonaut


Sgt. A. O'Mara
Visits TARA

At our last monthly meeting Sgt. Andy O'Mara from the New York State Police spoke to membership about this year's Pumpkin Patrol.

Since its inception in 1976, the New York State Police, Troop T, recognized the Pumpkin Patrol as an important element of the State Police crime prevention effort.

The Pumpkin Patrol was orginated by Katherine St. Jacques in Fort Johnson, New York, in October 1976. Soon after a truck driver she was talking to on her citizens band radio was injured by flying glass caused by an object thrown from an overpass striking the windshield of his truck, St. Jacques and two companions decided to stand watch on three overpasses that crossed the New York State Thruway in the Johnstown area.

Lighting pumpkins and hanging them over the bridge railings to signify their presence, they stood guard the rest of the evening and so began the Pumpkin Patrol.

In 1984 Jack Donnelly, WA2YBM, from Albany ARA assisted St.Jacques with organizing local hams to provide coverage along the overpasses in the Capital Region. By 1985 St. Jacques and the efforts of various radio groups and amateur radio operators were able to provide coverage from the Syracuse area to Newburg, N.Y.

TARA's participation in the Pumpkin Patrol is being coordinated by Karen Smith, KB2UUC, and she needs your help. She is in need of volunteers who would like to share their time on October 30 and 31, to watch the overpasses along the Thruway.

If you would like to assist this worthy cause please contact Karen immediately.


*TARA Rpt.: 145.170 MHz

*e-mail: kb2uuc@juno.com

*Phone: 518-273-6594

You're Needed On:

OCTOBER 30 & 31