October 1997 - Page 5


Austin, Texas start-up Crypto-Logic Corp. has offered a $1million reward to whomever can crack its new e-mail encryption system within a year. Cryptologists generally agree that CryptoLogic's technology, called a "one-time pad" is theoretically uncrackable -- each "pad" has a set of uniquely random digital symbols that are coded to the actual message. The recipient uses the same pad to decode the message, and each pad is used only once. Still, experts are warning never to underestimate the tenacity of computer hackers: "Anyone who says their system is bulletproof is either a liar or stupid," says one. "If I'm wrong," says Crypto-Logic's VP and COO, "we're out of business." Tnx: Wall Street Journal/Hudson Division Loop

Crypto-Logic's web address is :




Cadets and faculty of the United States Air Force Academy, in cooperation with University of Colorado, Colorado Springs have designed a small space payload that will be launched on an Atlas rocket the last week in October. This mission, named Falcon Gold, will be responsible for sampling the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal from behind the GPS constellation and downlinking spectrum samples to ground stations for post processing. Due to its short 3-week life, and their limited number of ground stations, they are looking for volunteers around the world to collect telemetry and mission data from the satellite during its 3 week life and forward electronic copies to the Air Force Academy for post processing. The satellite will broadcast on 400.175 MHz, accessible from many scanners and Amateur Radio equipment. Modulation will be the same 9600 bps, AX.25 standard used in the amateur radio community.

-- AMSAT News Service

B.S.A. 40th Annual Jamboree on the Air
Writren By: Rudy Ault, N2JZK

The Boy Scouts of America has announced it's 40th Annual "Jamboree on the Air"! This year the jamboree will start at 0001 EST the 18th of October, and will end at 2359 the 19th of October.

Look for station K2BSA (as well as K2BSA/1 thru K2BSA/0) on all of the high frequency Ham bands.

This contest is open to ALL, and a post card sized certificate can be obtained for ANY participation by sending a SASE to:

JOTA Certificate Cards S221
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O.Box 152079

No reports in the form of logs are needed. Contacts should be relaxed and informal. Brief reports would be nice (such as who you talked to, where they were, and how they enjoyed the contact.). Locally, Radio station N2JZK will be operating on the 10 meter band between 28.400 and 28.495 MHz. from his home in Sharon Springs. He will be joined by members of scout Troop 117 at various times of the day. Good Luck, and hope to hear you on the air!