November 1997 - Page 1

Public Service Team Report
Our public service team reports that we were called upon twice over the last month for volunteers and radio communications for two very worthwhile events.
First was the Pumpkin Patrol (October 30 & 31) during which our members were asked to keep watch over the NYS Thruway  bridges and over- passes on the Rensselaer County side of the Hudson River. TARA was able to supply a total of 10 active volunteers, while 3 others were on stand-by: KB2SPM, KB2UUC, KB2KFV, KB2JZI, KB2ZOW, KB2ZXE, N2YNP, KC2BKY, N2PEK, and N2LUD  Stand-by:KB2UUC, KC2BJC, N2RXO
The second event for our club was the Annual Walk for Hunger (November 1st) in beautiful Green Island. This event helps with the stocking of food pantries in Watervliet and Green Island. More than $4,000 was raised! Plus we've learned that next year's chairman will be none other than Ken Davis, KB2KFV. Volunteers for this event were: KB2ZOW, KB2SPM, KB2UUC, KB2KFV, KB2JZI, WB2SWA, N2PZP, KE2XF, KA2VEK, KB2LSQ, N2PEK, KA2QIG, and KB2UKV
  All of us from the TARA NEWS wish you and your family a warm and happy holiday!

Thank You TARA! Written By: W.J. Eddy, NY2U

As we approach the upcoming holiday season I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your continuos commitment and generous support of TARA. 
Also on behalf of the entire Eddy family I'd like to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, words of prayer and cards during my father's recent hospitalization. He now resides at  the Heritage Nursing Home here in Troy  where he receives the necessary assistance he now needs. Throughout this whole ordeal my mother and I have been extremly  fortunate to have the support from our membership that we've received. There hasn't been one single day that someone hasn't offered some kind of assistance to us. Again from the bottom of  our hearts we thank you and may God Bless!

                                  William J. Eddy, NY2U