“A Christmas Dream” Written By: Louisa May Alcott    

From our happy home             
Through the world we roam   
One week in all the year,         
Making winter spring             
With the joy we bring             
For Christmas-tide is here.                   

Now the eastern star             
Shines from afar             
To light the poorest home;      
Hearts warmer grow, 
Gifts freely flow,  
For Christmas-tide has come. 

Now gay trees rise             
Before young eyes, 
Abloom with tempting cheer;  
Blithe voices sing,             
And blithe bells ring,             
For Christmas-tide is here.                       

Oh, happy chime,             
Oh, blessed time.             
That draws us all so near!       
“Welcome, dear day,”             
All creatures say,             
For Christmas-tide is here 


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Inside this Issue: 
*Christmas Party Details - come one, come all! 
*The Wayback Machine - beginnings of broadcasting 
*ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes - club station? 
*Cookies - Christmas or the computer kind? 
*Tales from Tex - Hey!, I wrote this so I get listed here