Scoping Out 
Your Disk Drive

You have a couple super-duper 3D games and the latest/greatest Microsoft Flight Simulator not to mention many megabytes of unused junk you've downloaded from the Internet. Aha! The new release of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 would complement your computer system quite nicely. "What's that," you say "22 mega whats?" Do you have enough hard disk space to install it? Well, you don't have to exercise your expertise with powers of 10 or try to remember how many zeros in a mega or giga, you can get the whole thing along with a nice pie chart that shows "used space" versus "free space". 

Wow! Nice graphic. You'd be surprised how many people are unaware that one can get a neat graphical representation of hard disk space utilization. Since we just spent some time in the Windows Explorer, let's find it there. Start up the explorer and scroll up to C:\, highlight it. Don't forget, you'll be grievously misled if you read the numbers at the bottom of the screen. Right click and go to Properties and there it is. Also, after you highlight C:\, go up and click on File then Properties. 
The other method is from the desktop, click on My Computer, then right click on [C:] and go to Properties. Also after highlighting [C:], go up to File then Properties. 
The dark area in the graphic shows the Used Space and on your screen will probably be blue. The light area is Free Space and probably will show as pinkish red. It's a lot easier to look at the pie chart than to do some mental gyrations with numbers. Also, if you see very little or no red pie, youse in a heapa trouble buddy. 

TARA 's  6th

We'd like to congratulate all those who participated in this year's rtty sprint. We still haven't received any  official results but hopefully by next months "TARA NEWS" will have some preliminary scores to share with you. 
TARA's RTTY  Manager, Bill, NY2U, especially  thanks Tom Remmert, N2TR/5 for his countless hours that he has donated to our sprint over the years.  Also he noted we need to thank Joel Glickman, KA1PRT, for  his personal time spent updating  our club web site, which received  a lot more hits this year from fellow contestors looking for the rules & regulations. 
If you were one of those whoparticipated please mail your logs in immediately to : 

MAIL TO: William J. Eddy, NY2U 
                   2404 - 22nd Street 
         Troy, New York 12180-1901 

e-mail TO: 

Courage Handi-Hams Fund Drive

It's time again for the T.N.T. Trader Net annual fund drive for the benefit of the Courage Handi-Ham System.  This will be held during the Trader Net on Thursday, December 18, 1997.  We ask that each station checking in consider pledging a donation.  An example check in is as follows:
W2VS, $10 plus 1 listing
How about listing some items for sale and donating all or part of the proceeds?  Remember, this may be your last chance of 1997 to get a tax deduction!
Checks shoiuld be made out to Bill Eddy and sent to 2404 22nd Street, Troy, NY 12180.  Bill will write one big check and forward it with a list of the donees.
The Courage Handi-Ham system is located at 3915 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN, 55422. Theiir web site is at