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TARA's Handi-Ham Night Shatters All Records!


Prior to December 18, 1997 how many of you would have wagered your house on the belief that TARA would be able to shatter the 1996 record of 151 stations logged into its Handi-Ham Night? So far the general consensus shows not many of you would have but hindsight shows we should have. Why you ask?  Because Bill, NY2U, and crew not only beat last year's record number of stations logged in, they also more than doubled the amount of pledges raised for the Courage Handi-Ham System. 
The record books have now been rewritten and TARA's 3rd Annual Handi-Ham Night will surely be remembered for years to come. All told TARA raised a grand total of $940.00 in pledges, a new record and it broke last year's record of 151 stations logged in, with 327 stations this year. The old record for money raised through pledges previously stood at $462.00 (1996). 
Bill, NY2U, who was completely exhilarated by the events of the night quickly acknowledged  "NONE" of this would have been possible without the total support from amateurs throughout the Capital Region, including New Jersey, Texas, Vermont and Massachusetts. 
"It's really heart warming to see this many hams from every club/organization throughout the entire region bond together for this very worthy cause. In just a little over 2.5 hours this 
net raised enough funding that will go a long way towards helping those with a variety of disabilities. It's pretty awesome to think that in just a few short hours all of us were able to enrich the lives of others with the gift of amateur radio," explained Bill, NY2U. 
Plans are already being made for next year's TARA Handi-Ham Night and already it looks as though several other clubs might join us. If there are any other organizations that would like to find out more about TARA's Handi-Ham Night please drop a message to:  William J. Eddy, NY2U 2404 - 22nd Street Troy, New York 12180-1901  MRBILL1953@AOL.COM  or NY2U@N2TY.FN32DW.NY. USA.NA

Those wishing to learn more about the Courage Handi-Ham System, of Golden Valley, MN  are asked to try:  Courage Handi-Ham System Golden Valley Road Golden Valley, MN    55422 http://www.mtn.org/handiham/ 

TARA's web site now offers you the TARA NEWS for your viewing or downloading. 


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