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AARA & TARA Aid North Country Victims

On January 20, 1998 TARA along with members from the Albany Amateur Radio Association put the wraps on an impressive week long fund drive, benefiting the storm victims up in the North Country. This final night of the fund drive coincided with TARA's monthly meeting and despite the presence of "Old Man Winter" the meeting was well attended.

Among the many TARA faithful who attended were some of our friends from Albany ARA, most notably their president, George Wilner, K2ONP. George was one of the strong supporters of this fund drive right from its inception, and he made sure he was in attendance to personally thank everyone involved .

The suggestion for this fund drive came from one of TARA's Board of Director's, Karen Smith and she too was on hand the night of the meeting to assist with the collection of donated supplies.

After the meeting several members loaded the supplies into two vans, which they later transported to the Price Chopper in Watervliet. (All of the supplies that were collected were of non- perishable variety, along with blankets and clothing.) In addition to the 2 van loads of supplies, Karen reported that she had collected over $300.00 in cash donations! All of these cash donations were ear marked for the Red Cross of Northeastern New York, and were deposited at Fleet Bank in Watervliet the following day.

Many of those whoattended this meeting remarked how impressed they were to see both organizations, AARA and TARA, working hard together for one common cause. Let's hope for the sake of both our organizations that efforts like this will continue.

A Few Words From the Prez!

As the president of TARA I'd like to personally thank everyone who got involved with our recent fund drive. Many of you were extremely generous with your donations of non- perishable supplies and some of you even donated your hard earned dollars. All of this I find heartwarming.

With our offer of assistance to those in the North Country I personally believe that both clubs have clearly demonstrated the true spirit of Amateur Radio operators. I also believe that working hand-in-hand with our friends from Albany ARA will strengthen the bond between our two great clubs.

I would also like to thank Karen Smith, KB2UUC, for suggesting AARA & TARA should get involved in this worthy cause. Your contributions to TARA and the amateur community are greatly appreciated

Before I conclude this message, I'd like to express my thanks to George Wilner, K2ONP, and Ernie Popp, K2EP, for their willingness to join TARA on this fund drive. Your immediate response was greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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