February, 1998 Page 4


This is the first of a series of columns to appear in the TARA News. Its intent is to share the many good ideas and answers to important questions that "Uncle Elmer" has overheard being discussed by our members at TARA meetings. Topics to be covered in this column include antennas, station equipment, operating, propagation, and in short, all the varied aspects of our hobby. The originators of the ideas and questions, as well as the responders to those questions, will remain anonymous, so as not to put anyone on the spot! If you have a question, or would like to share a good idea, contact any TARA Officer or Board Member. All questions will be directed to an individual who is knowledgeable about the appropriate subject. And if you discuss an interesting topic at a future meeting, don't be surprised if Uncle Elmer is listening!

Donation Received

We'd like to thank Ray, N2VLY, for his donation of a thermostat and heater assembly for our repeater system. Once installed this provides a constant temperature for the repeaters more sensitive circuitry during winter months. Keep in mind that temperatures inside the repeater shack can vary a great deal during winter months.


Club newsletters across the Hudson Division are a wonderful resource, providing a wealth of pertinent information on a broad cross-section of club activities, national and international amateur radio news. But inherent limitations of space and mail distribution can often impede the flow of fast-breaking amateur radio news. That's why you need to be "In the Loop!"

"The Hudson Loop" is the FIRST and ONLY newsletter of its kind! Delivered electronically each week, "The Hudson Loop" is offered FREE to subscribers in the ARRL Hudson Division who want to be kept up-to-date on amateur radio happenings in Newington, Washington, and Geneva, technology news from around the world, and stories on our Hudson Division neighbors in New Jersey, New York, and adjacent areas.

Published each Monday, "The Hudson Loop" reaches nearly 2,500 readers via internet e-mail. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to arrlhudson@aol.com and type "SUBSCRIBE HUDSON LOOP" on the subject line. No message text is necessary.

The "The Hudson Loop" rapidly provides essential news of interest to active amateurs residing in the ARRL Hudson Division faster than can be achieved via packet radio or printed means, which serves to keep you in the know and "In the Loop!"


The ARRL Audio News Service, which has been available in RealAudio via the World Wide Web since October, is now available via dial-up telephone service at 860-594-0384. The equipment will support four simultaneous calls.

It's my hope that a large number of Hudson Division club repeaters will see fit to use the ten minute audio bulletin on their weekly information nets or perhaps even begin to play the ARRL News once or twice a week for their members if they do not have such an information net. It's another way of letting members and non-members know what ARRL is doing for amateur radio.
Frank Fallon, N2FF - ARRL Hudson Division Director