~~~ The 5 All Seasons Certificates that are currently available  ~~~
This is the Tourney certificate. This is earned by completing the
TARA All Seasons contest year with the top score. Only the top scorer
will be crowned the King or Queen of digital contesting. You WILL earn it. :)
The first contest in the All Season
program is held on the third
Saturday of April

The Skirmish is a free for all using
all the digital modes. :)
The second of the series of

The Grid Dip.

Held on the first Saturday
of August
every year.


This is The Rumble.
The Fall Classic.

The first PSK contest
in the world, and the third
in the TARA All Season

It runs on the first Saturday
of October
, every year.



Formally the TARA Rtty Sprint,
The Melee is a dedicated RTTY
contest, and is the final test
 in the All Season program.

It is run on the first Saturday
of December
every year.