~~~ Some of the Grid Award Certificates that are currently available  ~~~
This is the Basic certificate. Offered in any digital
mode as well as Mixed.
Since there is not enough room on the Basic
certificate, extra sheets are available.
This is the dedicated DX sheet.
This is the TARA-DDXCC
certificate.  (digital DXCC)
If !  no lets say when you
confirm 100 DX BARS as
per the TARA DDXCC
rules you should claim this
You will have earned it. :)

Needless to say, endorsements
are available in increments as
outlined in the DDXCC rules.

Uhmm! Frame not included!

This shows a fully worked Canadian Sheet.
Notice we have included VE0, CY0 and
CY9 to allow you to display Worked ALL Canada
This is a fully loadedAustralian panel which again
allows ALL territories.

This is the US States panel, orindeed the
through M panel. Another blank US Sheet
will be needed to complete a WAS display.

If you do manage to work all 50 States and hold all the required BARS
then you can claim this coveted, TARA DWAS(digital WAS)certificate.
Yea! Frame is not included.

Finally, the Wet Awardis now offered. Work any
one (1) grid that has NO land at all in it, and claim the
endorsement sticker for that grid.
If, and that's a very big IF, you manage to fill the Wet Award certificate
You can claim The Neptune Award which is one of the Pinnacle Series
certificates.  Printed on Glossy Paper. err! Frame not included. :-))
Stickers are available in increments of 5 Grids.

Also available for working any single
political entity in the Antarctic, this
handsome certificate. Collect more
endorsements as you work more entities.

With the same rules as the
WAS above, Simply work
VK1 through VK8 and
claim this worked all VK

To complete the panel for
display we have included
an endorsement for working
the two (2) VK0's and
another for working all the
VK9's listed in the ARRL
DXCC list.

A dedicated Canadian award
is shown here.
Simply hold all the BARS for
the VE mainland and claim
your worked all VE award.

Notice that two
endorsements are
available for this award.
One for VE0
One for working both
CY0 and CY9

More to come. :)