...are very proud to announce that TARA now offers two digital awards. The TARA-PX and the TARA-Grid. The TARA-PX is the only Digital Prefix Award available since the WPX is SSB and CW only.
Formally the PODXS DPX Award, the TARA-PX Award is a full service award offering Mixed, RTTY and PSK certification. If you feel that you qualify for a non-listed digital mode, please request that we review your information.

The TARA-Grid Award, formally the 070 Maidenhead Grid Award is an excellent companion to our All Seasons, Grid-Dip Contest. All contest entries qualify for inclusion in your TARA-Grid Award. You need only 300 different four(4) digit Grid Squares to claim your Basic certificate.

In line with our OnLine recognition program, you will find all the individual award statistics on our Award Record Web Site(s).  These can be accessed below under each Award heading.....another  system that TARA is pioneering. Your operating prowess will be there for the entire world to see, instead of only visitors to your shack.
To view the certificates offered please click here for the TARA-Grid and here for the TARA-PX.
If you really must stay in the 20thcentury and really want one of those old fashioned paper things shown above, please contact your award manager, listed below, and they will organize one for ya! Enjoy!

 ~  TARA-Grid & TARA-PX Awards  ~ 
The Digital Prefix award
manager: Ernie, WM2U
Maidenhead Grid Squares
The TARA-Grid
manager: Ernie, WM2U
The TARA ???? Award
manager:  ?
The TARA ???? Award
manager: ?
OnLine Record
OnLine Record OnLine Record OnLine Record
Rules Rules Rules Rules

This Award, originally the PODXS DPX Award has now been taken over by TARA. It is essentially the same award and it is offered to all Amateurs world wide. Remember that your TARA Shirmish (prefix) contest results count for this award so add them to you Prefix total list and send it along to the Manager for verification.

OK, now this is a new award and caters only to maidenhead grid squares collected on 160, through 6m. WARC bands also included. We are excited about this award and you will too!. No QSL's required but please have them on hand since we could ask for them for verification. Checkout the rules above.


New Award coming soon.
 Keep your eyes open.
Watch this space. :)

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