Sponsored by TARA
Troy Amateur Radio Association
Many thanks to Oldrich Linhart, OK1YM
 for his great assistance formulating these swl rules, thank Olda!

The idea of this Category is to get the world Short Wave Listeners, (SWL) licensed or unlicensed to get involved in the Digital Modes. If your computer has a sound card with a microphone connected you will not need any interfacing at all. Simply allow the computer to listen to the Radio :)
Ok! SWL can count points for a station only once per band.
SWL is not mode specific. Any mode (mixed modes) count.
Log heard QSO as two separate entries only if SWL heard both exchanges. If only one side heard, log only the one exchange. example.....

Date           UTC     Band      Mode     Call             Exchange          Worked     Points      Mults
26/01/01    10:30     20m       PSK        DL2AYL      Erika   DL2         N8PSK          1           DL2
26/01/01    10:30     20m       PSK        N8PSK         Chris N8            DL2AYL        1           N8
etc. etc.

All other rules apply. Please check em! out and make sure you select SWL category when submitting your score :)

 Good luck !