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The idea of this Category is to get the world Short Wave Listeners, (SWL) licensed or unlicensed to get involved in PSK/RTTY. If your computer has a sound card with a microphone connected you will not need any interfacing at all. Simply allow the computer to listen to the Radio :)
Ok! SWL can count points for a station only once per band.
Log heard QSO as two separate entries only if SWL heard both exchanges.

Date           UTC     Band      Mode     Call             Exchange      Worked       Points       Mults
07/26/03    10:30     20m       PSK        DL7AA       Peter JO64         WM2U         1             JO64
07/26/03    10:30     20m       PSK        WM2U        Ernie FN32        DL7AA        1             FN32
etc. etc.

If only one side heard, log only the one exchange. example.....

Date           UTC     Band      Mode     Call             Exchange             Worked     Points      Mults
07/26/03    10:30     20m       PSK        WA2LVD   Dave FN32             NY2U             1           FN32
07/26/03    10:30     20m       PSK        M0DAJ       Kevin IO94            WM2U           1           IO94
etc. etc.

All other rules apply. Please check em! out and make sure you select SWL category when submitting your score :)

 Good luck !