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The worlds very 1st. PSK contest!

Contest Manager - Scotty, W7PSK

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N3CHX: ICOM IC-746 to Kenwood AT-200 into Inverted Vee @ 55'! Heard a couple JA's but could not work them! No VK and very few VE, I had a poor showing for 16 hours of operating!
W3KM: Fun PSK contest!  
PD7BZ: Tnx for the nice contest. Propagation wasn't very good. Just 40 QSO's in my log.  
N3MK: Once again a great contest. Great to see so many more contesters this year.  
 OK2-9329: Very good contest. See you again friends. VY 73 es GL de Dusan/OK2-9329
OK2SWD: I send you my best regards from Ostrava. I hope that all is OK. VY 73 es GL de Dusan
OH2LU: Thank you for another edition of the PSK Classic! 73 de Tapani/OH2LU
HA5LZ: Many thanks for the nice PSK contest!
W6QE: Thanks for putting on a great contest. On the West Coast, it was an 80m, 40m, 20m with 1 qso on 15 meters contest. It's nice seeing friends in the digital contest. Milton, W6QE
WA4EEZ: Only had 3 1/2 hours to play, but enjoyed giving out the contacts!
 N3FX: Fun contest! It was great to get 14 QSOs on 160 meters.
KA1PPV: Conditions were not that great on 20 meters so had to really work hard in QRP mode. Had a blast anyway and can't wait for next year's contest. 73'S Joe KA1PPV  
 W3MEL: Enjoyed the contest. First time I have worked a PSK contest. Look forward to the next time.
WB4MNK: Had fun and one day I hope to be able to work the contest for the whole period. Had alot of new contacts. Keep up the great work. 73, Art  
 K7RFW: 20 watts on a portable antenna does not do much. But then again, I was only able to operate for about 2 hours due to weather.
 YO5BBO: Good luck and good bye in next Tara contest.
 9A2BW: Wherw are PSK FUN,s...???
 EA3GCL: Realmente divertido, para ser mi primer concurso en PSK, equipos utilizados: Yaesu FT-897, SignaLink USB, Antenna CP-6 Diamond y 20W de potencia Toni Mir, Barcelona-Espaņa
G4CLB: 80, 40 & 20m proved the most productive bands. Real struggle on the others! - Chris
 W7MEW: Great contest! This was my first and I will be back for the next. It's really too bad 20m doesn't keep up with 40 and 80 for decent conditions.
 N2GWK: I'm an 070 Member and this was my first Time to participate in the TARA Rumble. I had a great time.
K7RE: Conditions on 20M, my bread and butter DX band at this QTH, were not up to par. This prevented working my usual EU multipliers. I saw several EU stations with good signals, but they were not in the contest. I was running right below the 20W maximum allowed in the "Great" category, and a few more DB on my TX side would have probably helped bring a few DX Multipliers. However, conditions on the lower bands were very good, and so I spent more time on 80 and 40 than usual, although not any real DX for me on those bands. I was only able to glean 3 QSO's on 160M. I put in about 16.5 hours. Still hope that we can enjoy more widespread participation next year, when the spots are back again.  
OG8A: Good to work some QSOs again but unfortunatetly I didnīt have time to be whole day on bands! BR. Pena OG8A/OH8VJ
K0JJR: Tnx es 73  
WC2Z: Very nice contest. 73
W7PSK: Son home from Iraq on Mid Tour leave, no to play but thought Id join for a minute.  
KC2FOL: Had a great time. Worked a couple of new ones. Thanks to all for a great contest.  
W2KKJ: After a few decades away from ham radio, I am restarting my hobby with the digital modes. The Rumble was a perfect opportunity to test out software and get a start on WAS via LotW.  
KE7YF: 15M never opened in AZ. I called CQ several times but no joy! Pretty good participation for the bottom of the solar cycle.  
KN3A: Allegheny Valley Radio Association - partner with K3UK. I had 85 QSO's. Had fun, not as much time to play as I wanted to. Started out using N1MM/MMVARI and after 1 contact switched back to HRD/DM780 and worked like a charm. Look forward to the next Rumble! 73-Scott KN3A  
N8MNI: I downloaded the dupe sheet and went through my log again. I noticed that I did not count the DXCC for W or VE in my previous submission. This is my first Tara Rumble. I dont feel that I did to bad for only working 9-10 hours of this contest. I have my log ready for inspection if needed. 73's Mark  
VE3MCF: Not much time this year. Worked 40 meters with 20 meter ham sticks and tuner.  
ZC4LI: Thanks to all concerned in running the contest. I hit the hay at 21Z as the bands were emptying quickly. Missed quite a lot of states mults due to lack of power !! 73 Steve.  
N4BP: First time in PSK31 contest. 10 & 15 dead any time I checked. 20M was the money band since 40M is still very noisy here in SFL. Trolled 80M near end for mults, but band way too noisy to do much good.  
NL10133: Great contest again, enjoyed myself  
M5PLY: Very good contest. Many thanks for putting it on.  
EA5XC: Propagación muy, pero myt mala contest muy bueno  
OH3FM: Tnx for the nice contest and 73 de oh3fm  
AI4OF: Had a blast. Most signals looked very good. Most operators were withing the 3khz agreed portion of the respective band. Looking forward to operating this again every year!  
OZ4ZT: This was my first PSK31 contest. I have only been on PSK31 for 2 month.  
EA1CUI: Greetings and congratulations for the competition.  
YO3HFY: trx FT-950 pwr 50w ant CP6 + ECO dipole CONGRATULATIONS FOR CONTEST de NICO YO3HFY 73 !  
KA2FHN: As Always I look forward to any TARA contest on PSK, in short to rack up a huge Tour,ney score. This was a great idea to keep things interesing. Way to go TARA. The poor propagation made a huge differance to me the DX just could not hear me.Also I had to quit to drive th my day job!!.See you all in the next one..BILL..KA2FHN
YO9BXC: Setup: FT857D (20W), antenna A3S, interface home made+CAT control. See you in 2009 edition! 73's Florin YO9BXC  
AA7FK: Terrible condx here in Oregon, but fun anyway! Thanks for the Contests .. 73 Bob AA7FK
KK3Q: great condx on 40 to europe  
K5PAX: Had fun during the hours I could play. It was great to see all the traces on the bands. Thanks to all who participated, and many thanks to TARA for organizing the event.
KC9DOA: My first Rumble, it was fun and a learning experience.
N7GVV: Great fun, thanks TARA for the PSK Fall Classic.
KD4SM: This is a very good contest. Thanks for sponsoring it and I can't wait until next year.
AG4QX: If it wern't for working and sleeping I could have had more contacts ;-)  
W7MRC: Good participation and good ops. My only beef is the stations that respond to CQs with their whole exchange. Very annoying. See you next time.
G6CSY: Very poor band conditions. Some horrendously overdriven signals.
WF7T: Great fun!
DL1THB: Tnx for contest. WX is bad in DL... no conditions..... 73 de Harald - DL1THB
DG7LAE: Thanks for the contest , 73 Uli
KB3FN4H: Fun but bands\antenna could be better. :-) KB3FB  
W1CDX: ...bad ...really bad Solar conditions  
IZ3NVR: First time in this contest...hope to improve my score next time...anyway worked some nice stations with my home made vertical. 73 de Stefano IZ3NVR  
EA3FHP: Concurs molt divertit. Fins l'any que ve. TOTAL 75 QSO.
SM6BSK: This year the activity on this side of the pond was quite good but worked just one (a VE) from your side! 73, Nils
KB2PIZ: Great Contest
N7UVH: Tuff band condx at night. score was down from last year. Was fun.. tu. Murf  
KA5DWI: Passing out points here. One of these days I hope to operate it with no Honey-Do's. This has always been a fun event. I'll catch you all next year. 73's  
KF4HOU: Looked like a better turn out in the years past.  
N2EOC: Fun contest. Condx could have been better but still had good time. Looking forward to the next one.  
SV2/YO3JW Was in holiday and take some equipment with me(FT-847, FD4, laptop)and find out that is a great activity in PSK31. So I made few QSOs from SV land 73 Pit (at home YO3JW)  
W7JAZ: I'm new to PSK. Very fun! Worked Japan with less than 5 watts. Will be back! 73, Jim  
WK4P: Had fun, nice to be back in a PSK contest. Maybe next year I'll work it full time.  
KC0FUE: FT-897 running 50 Watts with a MFJ-1275M interface. Alpha Delta DXEE antenna.  
NF8M: First time working the contest!  
WB4JFS: The bands appeared to be very "squirrely".  
PA3DBS: Thanks for organizing this contest.  
KB6OJE: Great contest, but didn't get to work it too long.