The TARA Winter Fund Drive headed up by Hollins Meaux, N2YQW, was a huge success! Over $1000 was raised toward the purchase of VHF/UHF equipment for the club! Great job Hollins! Many thanks to all who helped with ticket sales and purchases.


3rd Prize: Dinner Tickets for Two was won by Dianne McDermott (no photo)
Drawn by Jim Walker, N2EDN. (Hollins, N2YQW is holding the bag)
2nd Prize: Entertainment's Ultimate Book was won by Bob Jones, WB2SWA
Drawn by Lance Lane, KB2IXS. LOTS of dinners for Bob!
1st Prize: Zenith 25" Color TV was won by lucky Curt Breneman, KC2EBP!
Drawn by John Clement, KA2VBI. Winner makes NEWS at 11:00 on N2TY!
Another BIG winner (pardon the pun). . . Bill Tankersley, KC2BJC, won the January 50/50 draw. . .
which he quickly shoved into his pocket before the club photographer could get the evidence to show his wife. . . but perseverance paid off. . .
and Bill was caught on camera before the night was over showing off his $89 bundle of bills!

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