Our congratulations and thanks to this year's Community Service (Mr. Bill) Award winner;
Mr. Gerald Murray, WA2IWW

Gerry accepting
from Mr. Bill and
his award from Tex.

Gerry begins his
speech. He thanks
his fellow HAMs...
He thanks God,
his family...
his friends...
Tex threatens
to repossess if
Gerry doesn't
wind it down!

Gerry continues and as
day turns to evening,
Tex makes his way to
a seat. Meanwhile Mr.
Bill begins to nod off

Evening turns to night.
Mr. Bill is fast asleep.
Gerry continues...
A new day dawns and
Mr. Bill wakes to the
sound of Gerry... or
is it the energizer
bunny in disguise???
With a last loving look at
his prize, Gerry finally
wraps it up. Mr. Bill
quips, "Gerry, if TARA
ever has an award for
you'll be a shoo-in!"

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