Happy Endings

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There sat Bev with butterflies
fluttering in her tummy
wondering if she was doing the right thing
and Bill, knowing exactly how she felt,
with a tear in his eye, reassures
her of his love and devotion.
With Bill's arm around her,
Bev felt secure in his love
for her, and her love for him.
They both knew they were right
for each other and they were
very happy and ready to tie the knot.
This made their friends happy
too, or they would have come
all this way for nothing.
So the judge pronounced them
husband and wife, and didn't need to
tell Bill twice that he may kiss his bride.
Mrs. Tankersley shows off her ring
as she and her husband pose for
their first picture as Mr. and Mrs.
This is not a happy ending
for this wonderful family...
This is just THE BEGINNING!