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February 11, 1998

Troy Amateur Radio Association
567 Broadway
Watervliet, NY 12189

Dear Friends:

The whole notion of "angels" is very popular these days. You see them in so many places, from craft stores to churches; from designer clothes to Internet icons. Angels are everywhere.

If you want to look in the mirror, you will also see an angel. An "Ice Angel, " for you have been transformed by your generosity and care for those you may not even know. When our neighbors in northern New York were devested by the ice storm of January 5, you came forth to help. With the help of many other "Ice Angels," we were able to send more than $1 Million in aid to farmers and the merchants, the elderly and the children.

We recall in disbelief the images of miles and miles of downed power poles. We remember the reports of people tearing off their porches to have wood to burn in their fireplaces for heat. We can still see the poor dairy cattle, bloated and suffering from lack of milking. The havoc this act of Mother Nature visited upon our neighbors was severe.

But, thanks to you, aid was immediately dispatched and suffering was eased. Generators brought light and power, while the acts of our "Ice Angels" brought warmth and hope. On behalf of the people who benefited from your selflessness, I extend our sincere thanks. May God Bless you for thinking of others in their time of great need.

Sincerely and Faithfully,

Richard L. McIIravy-Ackert
Resource Development Manager

"With Heart to God and Hand to Man"
Serving the Capital Area since 1884

Editor's Note:

TARA recently received the accompanying letter of thanks for our generosity during the recent ice storm that devastated the north country.

As you remember both TARA and our good friends from Albany Amateur Radio Association jointly sponsored this successful fund drive together back in January.

We again thank everyone that participated in the worthy cause!


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