March, 1998
Volume 9, Number 3

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Page 1
        Thank You Letter from Salvation Army for
        AARA & TARA Aid to North Country Victims

Page 2
       VE Exam Info
       TARA Antenna Night

Page 3
        Easy to Homebrew 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antennas

Pages 4 & 5
        The Wayback Machine by Bill Continelli
        The Copyright Web Site

Page 6
        Are You a 10-10 Member?
        Ask Uncle Elmer

Page 7
        Tales From Tex       

Page 8
        1998 Annual AARA Dinner
        Print This!

Page 9
        What's New at the TARA Bookstore
        N2TY BBS/Node News

Page 10
        All The News That's Fit To Print
        DSP-232 Update

Page 11
        TARA TOONS
        Our Supporters
        (Lot's of Graphics on this page, may take a while to load)

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