TARA NEWS - March, 1998 Page 2

A.T.V.E.T. '98
Albany & Troy Volunteer Examiner Team

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VE Team Schedule

SARA/SMARA VE Team will administer FCC exams at the Schenectady High School on Wednesday evenings. Pre-registration is required. If you're interested, please call Charlie Haynes, KA2VNP, 399-1793 for information.

04/15/98........SMARA...PM | 06/04/98........SARA....PM


TARA's Antenna Night
Come Build A Simple VHF or UHF Antenna

This coming meeting TARA will be trying something totally new, we'll be building antennas. Yep, we're going to try to teach a few of you just how simple it is to experiment with building antennas from scratch . To keep things simple we'll start with building a 1/4 wave ground plane for either 144 MHz or 444 MHz, it's your pick.

If you've never built an antenna, we're going to take you through the basic steps, from calculating the length, right down to soldering the connections. After you've assembled your antenna we'll have SWR/POWER meters on hand to evaluate just how well your antenna is performing.

All the supplies will be provided by TARA, and with a little sweat equity you'll have yourself a FREE antenna that you built with you very own hands. Please come join us!