In the TARA Tour'ney, the contestants are competing for the honor of emerging as the annual King or Queen of the digital modes. The scores to achieve this are an aggregate of all their individual Tour'ney credits derived from their scores from the four (4) TARA All Season Contests. Each contest is a separate entity and has its own awards. Click here to checkout the certificates available. The results of each will be displayed on the Tara Results web page where you will find the results of all the contests for the Tour'ney year as they are run.
 Both your multipliers and normalized QSO count(s), will be calculated and displayed on your copy of the OnLine Score Submission Form, and these credits will be applied to your Tour'ney accumulated score
These will be carried forward onto Les Results du Tour'ney web page, where you will be able to track your score totals and plan your strategy.

    These credits will be calculated for each contest submission and you will see them included on your OnLine Score Submission Form in each contest. Each power entry will be normalized on it's QSO count, so that if you are running a power level of up to 5 watts your QSO total will be  x30, up to 20 watts will get x20, up to 100 watts, x10 and up to Legal Limit will get x5, thus a single, normalized score table will result / mode / contest.
    SWR entries, since they do not qualify for Tour'ney credit will have a multiplier of x1.
    OK! so we have rationalized the different power entries into one normalized table.
    Now to show a running, accumulative Tour'ney credit total from one contest to the next we will use a multi-mode calculation, and take the number of normalized QSO's and multiply them by the sum of the Multipliers:
Total Tour'ney credits = total # QSO's x (sum of Mults)
The highest total of Tour'ney points can claim a very handsome Plaque which can only be claimed once in his/her lifetime after which any future wins will get a high quality year endorsement for adding to the basic Plaque.
     Your accumulated Tour'ney credits can be viewed on
Les Results du Tour'ney web page.
     After all this effort by the winning Amateur, surely they will be recognized as the

World Digital Contest Leader. :)

Ok! lets throw a few rules out there to make it interesting eh!
  • All Tour'ney credits must be derived from Single Op/Single Transmitter contest scores. Multi/Multi and other combined operating efforts are not eligible.
  • The SWL category in each contest are not eligible for Tour'ney entry.
  • Only Parent modes will be credited. For instance any credits derived from a single contest will be rationalized such that Rtty 60wpm and Rtty 100wpm will be grouped under the Parent RTTY for credit. Likewise PSK10, PSK31 and PSK 63 will be grouped under PSK.
  • The Team entries in the Rumble are NOT eligible for Tour'ney submission, although the scores of each separate team member, if submitted as a single/single within that contest, will be brought forward and submitted for Tour'ney credit.
  • The Tour'ney year will start with the running of Skirmish in spring, then The Grid Dip in summer, followed by The Rumble in the fall, and finally the The Mle in the winter.

    Come and join us in this exciting, new contest concept and Enjoy. :)