TARA Managers
Digital Contests and Award Program    Skirmish:  Frank AB2ZO
In fond memory of our friend,
Skirmish Manager and TARA member.
Bro. Rich, KC2FOL
died 14th May 2015. RIP
   Grid Dip:  Frank AB2ZO
   Rumble:  Frank AB2ZO
   Mêlée:  Frank AB2ZO
Press & Promotion Manager:
Karen Smith, KS2O
   Tour'ney:  Ernie. WM2U
      This new and exciting concept in contesting offers four (4) separate digital contests which cover ALL the digital modes. A rationalization of ALL four contest scores creates a fifth contest, The Digital Tour'ney, the winner of which is presented with a Wooden Plaque. To complete this offer we have a comprehensive pair of Digital Awards covering both Grids and Prefixes. These are sure to please any Award collector. Click on the links below to select your choice.
We have a MUST READ by Igor Zdorov, W0IZ

The TARA All Seasons Contest(s)

Skirmish Grid Dip Rumble Mêlée
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Contest Certificates
The TARA Grid and Prefix Awards

Grid Award

Prefix Award


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Grid Squares

Contest Archives
Skirmish 3rd Saturday of April every year
Grid 1st Saturday of August every year
Rumble 1st Saturday October every year
Mêlée 1st Saturday of December every year
Tour'ney WinnersPlaque mailed out January.

The TARA Tour'ney ~ The Ultimate ~ Award ~
Tournament Rules Tour'ney Results
Tour'ney Archive  

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TARA would like to thank the following for their
thoughtful Donation(s) to the TARA Digital Contests
and Awards Program.
Wilse Morgan WX7P $10
Tony Heatwole N3FX $25
Stefano Menozzi IK4UXA $27