December, 1997
Volume 8, Number 12

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Page 1
        A Christmas Dream

Page 2
       Christmas Party
       Stocking Stuffers

Pages 3-4
        The Wayback Machine - by Bill Continelli

Page 5
        Scoping out Your Disk Drive
        TARA'S 6th Annual RTTY Sprint
        Courage Handi-Hams Fund Drive

Page 6
        Top Signs That You May Need an Elmer
        Intel Fixes New Pentium Flaw
        Lucent Unveils Smaller, Faster Transistor

Page 7
        The Shareware Review - "Cookies"

Page 8
        Rippers Rule!
        Arizona QRM'er to Pay Up
        Upcoming DX Events

Pages 9-10
        ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

Page 11
        Tales from Tex
        UK Hams Mark Centenary of Historic Radio Message

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