digital grid square contest
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Troy Amateur Radio Association
Contest Manager - ~ TARA thanks Tony, N3FX for all his years of service.
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tnx Joaquin, EA4ZB

3rd Aug.'13

00:00 UTC through 24:00 UTC  ~ 10th running


Send name + 4 digit grid locator
Note: no RST is necessary. No brag files are necessary.

Running Rules:

Please NOTE: The ROVER Category will be discontinued for the 2013 season for lack of interest or until interest returns.

  • Call CQ Grid Dip
  • SWL entries please read the SWL Special Rules
    Categories PSK RTTY
    HIGH 100w max. legal limit
    LOW 20w max. 100w max.
    QRP 5w max 5w max
    SWL Rx. Only! Rx. Only!

  • Run only single transmitter/ single operator.
  • Send 4 digit Maidenhead Grid Locator. Example: EL95. Sources of Grid Square info: for ARRL Grid Square Calculator and WM7D's Callsign Database at: 

Operating Modes:

SWL, PSK ( includes all sub modes ie PSK31, PSK63) and RTTY (includes all sub modes ie 60wpm, 100wpm)
Note: Operators can submit more than one mode. These must be separate entries and NOT combined. Please submit an OnLine Score Submission Form for each mode. Your multi category entries will, of course, be accumulated towards your Tour'ney credits.:)


Use the regular digital frequencies/mode on  160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 thru 6m. WARC band QSOs are NOT permitted in the spirit of the gentleman's agreement that there be no contesting on the WARC bands.


Stations can be worked once on each band for QSO points (see ROVER exception rules above).
Each valid QSO per band counts as 1 QSO point.
Each different Grid Locator worked counts as one (1) multiplier, once per band.

Total Score:

Total Score = QSO Points x total different Grid Locators/Band


Fill out one Score Submission Form  for each category separately. All VALID logs must be received via our Online Score Submission System.
For Ham's/SWL's with no internet connection that wish to submit a
"CHECK-LOG" should mail your logs to my QTH.
All logs must be received no later than 31st August 2013 in order to be valid.
Decisions of the Grid Dip Contest Committee are final.


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each mode/category.
  •  ( for certificate; must have at least 5 QSO's)
  • Top SWL score.

  • All scores except "SWL" will be automatically entered into the Tour'ney.

  • The awards for the "Grid Dip" are now part of our OLCAR system.
  • Do NOT send logs. However, logs must be on hand and furnished if requested.
    Fill out the OnLine Score Submission Form to have your score officially logged. Scores will be posted periodically on the  Grid Dip Score Web page here.
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