October, 1997
Volume 8, Number 10

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Page 1
        Hamfest '97 Sales Earns Club Profits
        TARA and NWS Team Up in October
        WK6R Packs Hall

Page 2
        Building the Ten-Tec 6 Meter Transverter Kit

Page 3
        Famous Amateurs from Around the World
        N.Y.S.P. Sgt. A. O'Mara Visits TARA
(Pumpkin Patrol Info)
Page 4
        Gateways to the World - Packet's Best Kept Secret
Page 5
        Hackers Vie for $1-Million Reward
        USAF Academy Plans GPS Experiment
        B.S.A. 40th Annual Jamboree on the Air
Pages 6,7
        The Wayback Machine
        What's New at the TARA Bookstore
Page 8
        Where Have All the Upgrades Gone?
        Ready or Not - It's Time for SWEEPSTAKES!

Page 9
ATVET Info - This links to the latest ATVET info page

Page 10
        Candy Drive
        Volunteers Needed!
        Misc. News Items

Page 11
        Tales From Tex

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