February, 1998
Volume 9, Number 2

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Page 1
        AARA & TARA Aid North Country Victims
        A Few Words from the Prez

Page 2
       Is This a Sign of the Times
       Capitalism at Work

Page 3
        Punxsutawney Phil No Match for Averill Park Steve
        And Now for February's Shareware Picks

Page 4
        Ask Uncle Elmer
        Are You "In the Loop?"

Page 5
        WebTV Plus - An Improvement
        TARA TOONS

Page 6
        Tip of the Month - Sending Faxes

Page 7
        Ads from Yesteryear
        Repeater Notes

Pages 8 & 9
        The Wayback Machine by Bill Continelli
        ATVET Cuts Back on Sessions

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